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Official Journal of the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS)

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Guest Editor Guidelines for Special Collections

Geoscience Letters encourages the publication of Special Collections (SC). The following are guidelines for the preparation and publication of such collections.

Preparation of a Proposal
The Guest Editor(s) for a SC is (are) chosen by the Editor–in-Chief and/or Editors. The Guest Editor(s) should submit to the Editor–in-Chief and/or Editors and the publisher for their approval a proposal that contains the following information: title, a brief outline summarizing the objectives, tentative time schedule, and a list of tentative contributions.

One of the Editors or the Editor–in-Chief will act as the Responsible Editor for the SC once the proposal is approved.

A SC should consist of at least five papers, but preferably eight to ten. Selected papers from Conferences can be invited for a SC, but the SC should not be regarded as Conference Proceedings.

Tasks of Guest Editor
In case there are several Guest Editors (GEs), one GE will act as corresponding GE. The GE will submit a Preface to the SC. The GE will select authors and invite them to submit journal quality papers (in terms of scientific content, English and presentation) to the SC. The GE will then provide the Editor–in-Chief and/or Editors with an updated list of expected contributions (title/authors).

All submissions will undergo rigorous peer review. The GE will select reviewers for the submitted papers, and keep in touch with the Editor–in-Chief and/or Editors and the Springer Editorial Manager Assistant on all other matters concerning the SC and the status of the preparations. The GE should prepare a strict time schedule and inform the authors and reviewers of it. It is the GE’s responsibility to ensure a thorough and speedy review procedure in close collaboration with the Springer Editorial Manager Assistant.

Final Acceptance by the Editor
In consultation with the Guest Editor, the Responsible Editor will make the recommendation concerning acceptance to the Editor–in-Chief, who will send a letter of final acceptance to the authors.

Submission instructions
Please ensure authors have carefully read the Instructions for Authors. Manuscripts will be submitted through the Geoscience Letters submission system.

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