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Fig. 1

From: Role of the eastern boundary-generated waves on the termination of 1997 Indian Ocean Dipole event

Fig. 1

a Area for the averaged SSTA calculation. Box-A is in the western region (10°S–10°N, 50°E–70°E) and box-B is the eastern region (10°S–Equator, 90°E–110°E). The Dipole Mode Index (DMI) is defined as the difference in averaged SSTA between western and eastern regions. Box-C (8°S–2°N, 90°E–100°E) is the area for the heat budget calculation. b Time series of DMI with positive (negative) IOD events highlighted in red (blue). c Time series of SSTA averaged over box-B (red) and that averaged over box-C (white)

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