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Fig. 2

From: Complex tsunami hazards in eastern Indonesia from seismic and non-seismic sources: Deterministic modelling based on historical and modern data

Fig. 2

Various tsunami source models used in this study for modelling tsunami scenarios. a Two earthquake scenarios for the Flores back-arc thrust basal fault (FBT-BT) and splay fault (FBT-SF). b Submarine mass failures (SMF) of volumes 5 \(\hbox {km}^3\) and 225 \(\hbox {km}^3\); black box shows location of SMF-5 \(\hbox {km}^3\) c Two volcano flank-collapse scenarios with volume of 0.10 \(\hbox {km}^3\) (Volcano-1) and 0.26 \(\hbox {km}^3\) (Volcano-2). Contours represent bathymetry depth in meters

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