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Fig. 3

From: Local and remote SST variability contribute to the westward shift of the Pacific Walker circulation during 1979–2015

Fig. 3

The observed and simulated trends of the surface zonal wind over the tropical Pacific. a Shows the surface zonal wind climatology (contours) and its trend (color) from 1979 to 2015 in the ensemble-mean of six reanalysis datasets. The gray dots represent the areas with confidence level of 95%. b Shows the simulated zonal wind trend in the pan-tropical-ocean forcing atmospheric model experiments, with df showing the simulated zonal wind trends in the tropical Atlantic-, the tropical Pacific-, and the Indian Ocean-forcing experiments. c Shows the sum of results in df, which is very similar to the model results driven by the pan-tropical-oceans (b), implying the linearity between the SST forcings from different tropical ocean basins

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