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Fig. 2

From: On the cloud radiative effect for tropical high clouds overlying low clouds

Fig. 2

Contour graphs for CREs of multi-layered clouds simulated from a radiative transfer model Streamer. Columns (left to right) indicate increase in CFlow as 0.1, 0.5 and 1.0, while rows represent various levels of high clouds. Note that CTPlow is fixed as 700 hPa since the impact of any change in CTPlow upon radiative effect is negligible in multi-layered clouds. x- and y-axes represent diverse COTlow and COThigh, respectively. Contour lines are CREs which are drawn at intervals of 30 W m−2. Dashed and solid lines represent positive and negative CREs, respectively; the zero-reference line is shown as thick line. Shaded areas on the bottom row indicate missing values due to overlap of cloud thicknesses between high and low clouds

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