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Official Journal of the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS)

Table 2 Amplitudes and Greenwich phase lags of major ocean tides at Benoa Harbor

From: A fortnightly atmospheric ‘tide’ at Bali caused by oceanic tidal mixing in Lombok Strait

Tide Amplitude (mm) Phase
Sa 150 \(330^{\circ}\)
Ssa 61 \(167^{\circ}\)
\(\mathrm {O}_1\) 162 \(156^{\circ}\)
\(\mathrm {P}_1\) 73 \(173^{\circ}\)
\(\mathrm {K}_1\) 253 \(177^{\circ}\)
\(\mathrm {N}_2\) 114 \(28^{\circ}\)
\(\mathrm {M}_2\) 642 \(53^{\circ}\)
\(\mathrm {S}_2\) 367 \(108^{\circ}\)
\(\mathrm {K}_2\) 102 \(106^{\circ}\)