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Fig. 2

From: Karachi tides during the 1945 Makran tsunami

Fig. 2

Location of tidal observatory, on pier at 24.804°N, 66.970°E. a Karachi Harbour and vicinity, showing locations of synthetic tide gauges used in tsunami modeling: 24.767°N, 66.985°E (Heidarzadeh and Satake 2015, p 626); and 24.78°N, 66.98°E (Rastgoftar and Soltanpour 2016, p 942). An addition synthetic gauge, at 24.46°N, 66.80°E (Rajendran et al. 2008, p 1742), is outside the map area 40 km southeast of the pier. Base map from Survey of India One-Inch Sheets 35 L/13, 3rd ed., 1945, and 35 P/1, 4th ed., 1944, both originally surveyed 1925–1926. Military grid in purple. b Detail from Admiralty chart 40, 1939 edition

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