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Official Journal of the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS)

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Table 3 Summary of the key changes from current to future as well as potential benefits arising from these two future thrusts

From: Urban-focused weather and climate services in Hong Kong

Project/initiative Current Future Potential benefits of the future thrusts
Pilot project on new urban weather monitoring system and data-sharing platform Most weather stations deployed in Hong Kong are designed to collect weather information at well-exposed sites and often in more remote areas away from built environment Not many urban scale weather stations to support different urban applications and the development of urban-focused weather and climate services Deploying new urban scale weather sensors catering for the climate and densely populated urban environment of Hong Kong to increase the density of meteorological and related observations in urban areas, especially for measurement at street level Weather data at street level (such as wind, relative humidity, and temperature) will be useful in: urban planning and air ventilation assessment Heat stress information services and related health impact studies Micro-climate assessment and research Development of urban scale automatic weather forecasts; and supporting other smart city-related initiatives
Impact-based forecast/risk-based warning Weather forecasts and warning are mainly: Formulated based on weather-related information Geared towards timely and accurate weather forecast and warnings; and presented from a deterministic perspective Accessing weather-related impact data through crowd-sourcing, partnership, and smart city initiatives Impact-based forecasting system integrating both weather information and related impact data Including probabilistic guidance based on ensemble forecast products to facilitate weather impact and risk assessments Incorporating relevant impact and risk information in weather forecasts/warnings Providing more information on forecast uncertainty and potential weather impact to facilitate decision support, alerting or warning services for the public and specialized users