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Fig. 2

From: On the importance of self-secondaries

Fig. 2

a The near global distribution of impact rays of the Hokusai crater on Mercury. The base mosaic is an enhanced color mosaic of Mercury (3.74 km/pixel; equirectangular projection). The red, green, and blue channels are the second principal component, the first principal component, and the ratio of the 430 nm/1000 nm filters, respectively, of the MDIS 8-band global mosaics (Xiao 2016). b Approximate outer boundaries of the continuous ejecta deposits and continuous secondaries facies of the Hokusai crater (yellow lines). The inset figures show an example of secondary crater clusters on the continuous secondaries facies. c Secondary crater chains within a distant ray segment of Hokusai (Xiao 2016). The location is marked in a. All the images are acquired by MESSENGER MDIS

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