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Official Journal of the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS)

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Fig. 8

From: Wind tunnel measurements of turbulent boundary layer flows over arrays of ribs and cubes

Fig. 8

Frequency spectra of dimensionless streamwise Φ(u″u″/u 2 * ) and vertical Φ(w″w″/u 2 * ) turbulence intensities at canopy level z = h over hypothetical urban areas. a, b Are ribs of AR = 1/4 and (e, f) are cubes for l:4h measured at P1 (black), P2 (orange), P4 (magenta). c, d Are ribs for AR = AR = 1/2 (green), AR = 1/4 (blue), and AR = 1/8 (red) measured at P4. g, h Are cubes for h:1l (green), h:4l (blue), and h:4l − T (red) measured at P4

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