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Official Journal of the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS)

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Fig. 3

From: Supercycle in great earthquake recurrence along the Japan Trench over the last 4000 years

Fig. 3

Stratigraphic correlation between turbidites in the NT13-19 PC08, PC10, and onland tsunami deposits in the Tohoku region during the last 4000 years. References: 1 Sawai et al. 2012; 2 Hirakawa 2012; 3 Takada et al. 2016. Areas (a)–(d) correspond to those in Fig. 1A. *northern part of (d); **possibly the quake of A.D. 1454 (Takada et al. 2016); (a); (a) and northern part of (b); Δ: northern part of (a). Estimated depositional age of the tsunami deposits is shown by green rectangles with error bars (2σ) based on results that have smaller margins of error among the values reported in previous studies. The error range of the tsunami deposit around A.D. 0 is unclear. 1896, 1611, 1454, and 869 are the ages of historical earthquakes/tsunamis. The ages corresponding to PSV labels are from Ali et al. (1999)

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