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Fig. 3

From: Relation of the auroral substorm to the substorm current wedge

Fig. 3

Properties of a substorm current wedge on March 3, 2008 are displayed as a function of time. Panel a shows the universal coupling function (UCF) and the optimum function (opn) that drive the developments of auroral zone negative bays plotted in panel b and the growth of the current wedge plotted in panels c and d. Panel c displays the strength of the current as a function of time. The locations of the upward and downward currents are shown by red and blue traces in panel d. In this panel the dashed line shows the location of the GOES-11 spacecraft relative to the current wedge. The THEMIS spacecraft were near midnight along the dotted line. The bottom panel e displays the component of the magnetic field at GOES parallel to the earth’s rotation axis (Hp)

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