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  1. Lombok is one of the islands in the transitional zone from the Sunda Arc to the Banda Arc, Indonesia. In the mid-2018, the island of Lombok was shaken by a series of strong earthquakes, started with a moment m...

    Authors: Annisa Trisnia Sasmi, Andri Dian Nugraha, Muzli Muzli, Sri Widiyantoro, Syuhada Syuhada, Faiz Muttaqy, Zulfakriza Zulfakriza, Shengji Wei, Awali Priyono, Haunan Afif, Pepen Supendi, Yayan Mi’rojul Husni, Billy S. Prabowo and Achmad Fajar Narotama Sarjan
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2023 10:7
  2. The Central and East Java region, which is part of the Sunda Arc, has relatively high seismic rates due to the convergence of two major tectonic plates in the Indonesian region; i.e., the Indo-Australian Plate...

    Authors: Faiz Muttaqy, Andri Dian Nugraha, Nanang T. Puspito, David P. Sahara, Zulfakriza Zulfakriza, Supriyanto Rohadi and Pepen Supendi
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2023 10:5
  3. With the population projections indicating continued growth during this century, construction of large dams can be considered as one of the best available options to meet the future increases in water, food, a...

    Authors: Suning Liu, Ji Chen, Jiaye Li, Tiejian Li, Haiyun Shi and Bellie Sivakumar
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2023 10:4
  4. Most of studies on change-point at a regional or global scale have only examined a single hydrometeorological variable and have been unable to identify any underlying explanations. In this study, we identified...

    Authors: Ke Shi and Yoshiya Touge
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2023 10:3
  5. A high surface air temperature (SAT) record over Northwestern India was reported in April 2022. This study examines the contribution of interannual variability on Indian SAT and possible reasons for the extrem...

    Authors: Jianhuang Qin, Heng Liu and Baosheng Li
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2023 10:2
  6. Climate change and soil erosion are very associated with environmental defiance which affects the life sustainability of humans. However, the potency effects of both events in tropical regions are arduous to b...

    Authors: Muhammad Rendana, Wan Mohd Razi Idris, Sahibin Abdul Rahim, Zulfahmi Ali Rahman and Tukimat Lihan
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2023 10:1
  7. Landslide vulnerability prediction maps are among the most important tools for managing natural hazards associated with slope stability in river basins that affect ecosystems, properties, infrastructure and so...

    Authors: Hazem Ghassan Abdo, Hussein Almohamad, Ahmed Abdullah Al Dughairi, Sk Ajim Ali, Farhana Parvin, Ahmed Elbeltagi, Romulus Costache, Safwan Mohammed, Motrih Al-Mutiry and Karam Alsafadi
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:45
  8. Impacts of temperature assimilation on Venusian thermal tides are investigated by the observing system simulation experiments assuming Akatsuki Longwave Infrared Camera (LIR) observations. Synthetic temperatur...

    Authors: Norihiko Sugimoto, Yukiko Fujisawa, Nobumasa Komori, Hiroki Ando, Toru Kouyama and Masahiro Takagi
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:44
  9. Terrestrial ecosystems are fully coupled with the climate. The planet has been greening owing to the increased vegetation growth in response to the changing atmosphere, which in turn has feedback on the climat...

    Authors: Shijing Liang, Alan D. Ziegler, Laurent Z. X. Li, Jie Wu, Dashan Wang and Zhenzhong Zeng
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:43
  10. The northern Red Sea in eastern Egypt is one of the world’s newest marine basins. The northern Red Sea is a very active seismic region and poses a significant hazard to the nearest cities on the Red Sea coast....

    Authors: Hamada Saadalla and Ahmad Hamed
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:41
  11. The aim of the study is to show the anomalies of air pressure registered at meteorological stations in Serbia during the passage of shock waves on January 15 and 16, 2022, as a result of the Hunga Tonga–Hunga ...

    Authors: Dragan Burić, Jovan Mihajlović and Vladan Ducić
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:40
  12. Landslides in mountainous areas are one of the most important natural hazards and potentially cause severe damage and loss of human life. In order to reduce this damage, it is essential to determine the potent...

    Authors: Hassan Ait Naceur, Hazem Ghassan Abdo, Brahim Igmoullan, Mustapha Namous, Hussein Almohamad, Ahmed Abdullah Al Dughairi and Motrih Al-Mutiry
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:39
  13. As the resolution of regional climate models has increased with the development of computing resources, Added Values (AVs) have always been a steady research topic. Most previous studies examined AVs qualitati...

    Authors: Gayoung Kim, Jineun Kim and Dong-Hyun Cha
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:38
  14. The distribution of sea surface salinity (SSS) in the Arabian Sea (AS) and Bay of Bengal (BoB) is in contrast due to differences in air-sea freshwater fluxes and river runoff inputs. The monsoon-induced inter-...

    Authors: Jiechao Zhu, Yuhong Zhang, Xuhua Cheng, Xiangpeng Wang, Qiwei Sun and Yan Du
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:37
  15. The stunning tails of comets are interesting astronomical phenomena to human beings and have been noticed for thousands of years. The bright tails also emit substantial materials into interplanetary space, inc...

    Authors: Yong Zhao, Limei Yan, Zhonghua Yao, Yong Wei, Ruilong Guo, Hairong Lai and Binzheng Zhang
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:36
  16. Monitoring lake water levels is important to fully understand the characteristics and mechanism of lake dynamic change, the impact of climate change and human activities on lakes, etc. This paper first individ...

    Authors: Zhijie Zhang, Guodong Chen, Yanchen Bo, Xiaozu Guo and Jianteng Bao
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:35
  17. Equilibrium climate sensitivity (ECS) refers to the total global warming caused by an instantaneous doubling of CO2 from the preindustrial level. It is mainly estimated through the linear fit between the changes ...

    Authors: Shufan Li and Ping Huang
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:34
  18. The idealized Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) simulations are conducted to investigate tropical cyclone (TC) size and intensity over the Western North Pacific (WNP) over the past decades, as represented...

    Authors: Cheng-Hsiang Chih, Kun-Hsuan Chou and Chun-Chieh Wu
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:33
  19. With the rapid development of deep learning technologies, data-driven methods have become one of the main research focuses in geophysical inversion. Applications of various neural network architectures to the ...

    Authors: Vladimir Puzyrev, Tristan Salles, Greg Surma and Chris Elders
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:32
  20. Typhoon Chaba made landfall on the Korean Peninsula in the fall of 2016, resulting in record-breaking rainfall in southeastern Korea. In particular, the Ulsan metropolitan region experienced the most severe fl...

    Authors: Woojin Cho, Jinyoung Park, Jihong Moon, Dong-Hyun Cha, Yu-min Moon, Hyeon-Sung Kim, Kyoung-jo Noh and Sang-Hwan Park
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:29
  21. From its first eruption at the end of August 2010, Mount Sinabung has been being seismically active. Thousands of micro earthquakes have occurred in the magma itself, in hydrothermal systems, and along nearby ...

    Authors: Afnimar, Ary Hidayat, Kristianto, Hetty Triastuty, Ahmad Basuki and Novianti Indrastuti
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:28
  22. Due to the high cost of the large-scale measurement of heavy metals, the use of statistical land models and techniques is one of the proper ways to study their distribution and level of pollution. The study ar...

    Authors: Farhad Mirzaei, Yasser Abbasi, Teymour Sohrabi and Seyed Hassan Mirhashemi
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:27
  23. The losses and damage caused by landslide are countless in the world every year. However, the existing approaches of landslide susceptibility mapping cannot fully meet the requirement of landslide prevention, ...

    Authors: Tingyu Zhang, Yanan Li, Tao Wang, Huanyuan Wang, Tianqing Chen, Zenghui Sun, Dan Luo, Chao Li and Ling Han
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:26

    The Correction to this article has been published in Geoscience Letters 2023 10:44

  24. January 2022 witnessed the violent eruption of Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai submarine volcano in the South Pacific. With a volcanic explosivity index possibly equivalent to VEI 5, this represents the largest seab...

    Authors: James P. Terry, James Goff, Nigel Winspear, Vena Pearl Bongolan and Scott Fisher
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:24
  25. Heavy rainfall brought by typhoons has been recognised as a major trigger of landslides in Taiwan. On average, 3.75 typhoons strike the island every year, and cause large amounts of shallow landslides and debr...

    Authors: Jui-Yi Ho, Che-Hsin Liu, Wei-Bo Chen, Chih-Hsin Chang and Kwan Tun Lee
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:22
  26. Structure collapse and subsidence are non-negligible geotechnical problems in loess areas. Within this framework, homogeneous and undisturbed samples are critical for effective research on loess structure. Hen...

    Authors: Huie Chen, Hui Li, Yaling Jiang, Qingbo Yu, Meng Yao and Wenchong Shan
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:21
  27. The continental-rifting of Arabia from Nubia, and the initial evolution of the Red Sea spreading center includes many of the continental-rifting to ocean-spreading processes, in particular transform formation,...

    Authors: Thamer Aldaajani and Kevin P. Furlong
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:18
  28. Quantitative horizontal displacement in the landslide potential area is necessary for mitigating casualties, property damage, and economic loss. Focusing on a sliding within a deep-seated landslide potential ...

    Authors: Che-Hsin Liu, Jui-Yi Ho, Chung-Ray Chu, Chih-Hsin Chang and Hongey Chen
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:17
  29. Bromo is among the very active volcanoes in Indonesia and is known for its recurrent and long-lasting eruptive manifestations. Past volcanic gas studies have revealed Bromo as one of the principal sources of v...

    Authors: Hilma Alfianti, Philipson Bani, Mamay Sumaryadi, Sofyan Primulyana, Mita Marlia, Ugan B. Saing, Nia Haerani and Hendra Gunawan
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:15
  30. The linear relationship between two stable water isotopes (δD and δ18O) has been used to examine the physical processes and movements or changes of three water phases (water vapor, liquid water and ice), includin...

    Authors: Jeonghoon Lee, Won Sang Lee, Hyejung Jung and Seung-Gu Lee
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:11
  31. Water quality is the restrictive factor for both ecosystem health and social development in the Chinese Loess Plateau, a unique area with most severe soil erosion, fragile ecology, and water shortage. Understa...

    Authors: Yanni Song, Yiping Wu, Changshun Sun, Fubo Zhao, Jingyi Hu, Ji Chen, Linjing Qiu and Yanqing Lian
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:10
  32. Landslides are considered as major natural hazards that cause enormous property damages and fatalities in Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau (QTP). In this article, we evaluated the landslide susceptibility, and its spat...

    Authors: Payam Sajadi, Yan-Fang Sang, Mehdi Gholamnia, Stefania Bonafoni and Saumitra Mukherjee
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:9
  33. The pore air pressure of the soil layer has an obstructive effect on the infiltration of the rainfall-induced landslide. Therefore, the hydraulic hysteresis caused by air entrapment in the infiltration process...

    Authors: Shixin Zhang, Li Li, Dongsheng Zhao, Bo Ni, Yue Qiang and Zhou Zheng
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:8
  34. The India–Burma troughs (IBTs) with different shapes (i.e., narrow and wide IBT-like circulations) can significantly affect winter precipitation over different regions in southern China through modulating the ...

    Authors: Jing-Xin Li, Ge Liu, Renguang Wu, Hong-Li Ren, Hui-Mei Wang, Xin Mao and Xin-Chen Wei
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:7
  35. Characterisation of hydromorphological attributes is crucial for effective river management. Such information is often overlooked in tropical regions such as the Philippines where river management strategies m...

    Authors: Pamela Louise M. Tolentino, John Edward G. Perez, Esmael L. Guardian, Richard J. Boothroyd, Trevor B. Hoey, Richard D. Williams, Kirstie A. Fryirs, Gary J. Brierley and Carlos Primo C. David
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:6
  36. Identification of the sources of the spatio-temporal information of flooding is important for flood control and understanding the water dynamic. Flood disasters are generally caused by two main sources: fluvia...

    Authors: Sophal Try, Takahiro Sayama, Chantha Oeurng, Ty Sok, Steven Ly and Sovannara Uk
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:5
  37. Geophysical modelling performs to obtain subsurface structures in agreement with measured data. Freeware algorithms for geoelectrical data inversion have not been widely used in geophysical communities; howeve...

    Authors: Yonatan Garkebo Doyoro, Ping-Yu Chang, Jordi Mahardika Puntu, Ding-Jiun Lin, Tran Van Huu, Diah Ayu Rahmalia and Meng-Shiun Shie
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:3
  38. A series of numerical simulations with different forcing conditions are carried out, to investigate the roles played by buoyancy and wind forcing on the upper ocean gyres, and to contrast the laminar and eddyi...

    Authors: Tongya Liu, Hsien-Wang Ou, Xiaohui Liu, Yu-Kun Qian and Dake Chen
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2022 9:2

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