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  1. Identifying and characterizing sedimentary evolution patterns are crucial for assessing the distributions of source and reservoir rocks, which are fundamental to hydrocarbon exploration. This study analyzed th...

    Authors: Zhongqiang Sun, Shuangyue Lin, Guangqun Wang, Longlong Liu and Mengqi Wang
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2024 11:30
  2. A moment magnitude (Mw) 7.5 earthquake occurred on January 1, 2024, at the northern tip of the Noto Peninsula, Central Japan, triggering a large tsunami. Seismological and geodetic observations revealed the ruptu...

    Authors: Hidetoshi Masuda, Daisuke Sugawara, An-Chi Cheng, Anawat Suppasri, Yoshinori Shigihara, Shuichi Kure and Fumihiko Imamura
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2024 11:29
  3. This study explored closed-circuit television (CCTV) networks in northeastern Toyama Prefecture, Japan, as a new data source for tsunami detection following the 2024 Noto Peninsula earthquake. We analyzed CCTV...

    Authors: Tomoki Shirai, Yota Enomoto, Keisuke Haga, Tatsuhiko Tokuta, Taro Arikawa, Nobuhito Mori and Fumihiko Imamura
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2024 11:28
  4. A hypothesis testing approach, based on the theorem of probability integral transformation and the Kolmogorov–Smirnov one-sample test, for performance evaluation of probabilistic seasonal rainfall forecasts is...

    Authors: Ke-Sheng Cheng, Gwo‑Hsing Yu, Yuan-Li Tai, Kuo-Chan Huang, Sheng‑Fu Tsai, Dong‑Hong Wu, Yun-Ching Lin, Ching-Teng Lee and Tzu-Ting Lo
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2024 11:27
  5. Loess, loess-like, sandy loess, and sandy-silty fluvial–aeolian deposits are intercalated to fluvial sediments and lie on a flat surface under intense agricultural land use in Bardibas, Mahottari district, cen...

    Authors: Edgardo M. Latrubesse and Abang M. S. Nugraha
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2024 11:26
  6. This study presents a pioneering investigation into the complex Holocene paleo-morphologies of the Yilan Plain, located at the southwestern edge of the Okinawa Trough. We employed a novel approach that synergi...

    Authors: Ping-Yu Chang, Jordi Mahardika Puntu, Ding-Jiun Lin, Haiyina Hasbia Amania, Wen-Shan Chen and Andrew Tien-shun Lin
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2024 11:25
  7. In response to the growing demand for high-resolution rainfall data to support disaster prevention in Taiwan, this study presents an innovative approach for downscaling precipitation data. We employed a hierar...

    Authors: Li-Huan Hsu, Chou-Chun Chiang, Kuan-Ling Lin, Hsin-Hung Lin, Jung-Lien Chu, Yi-Chiang Yu and Chin-Shyurng Fahn
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2024 11:23
  8. Southwestern Taiwan exhibits multiple fold-thrust systems as a consequence of the interaction between the Philippine Sea Plate and the Eurasian Plate. A prominent geological feature of this region is the exten...

    Authors: Geng-Pei Lin, Wu-Lung Chang and Chi-Yu Chiu
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2024 11:21
  9. In response to abundant freshwater input from rainfall and river discharge, the northern Bay of Bengal (BoB) is featured by low sea surface salinity (SSS) and strong intraseasonal variability (ISV). This study...

    Authors: Rong Cui, Xuhua Cheng, Wei Duan, Long Jiang and Yifei Zhou
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2024 11:20
  10. The anti-dip bedding rock slopes have threatened global infrastructure construction and urban expansion seriously. Taking the Guang'an Village rockslide as an example, this paper firstly studied the deformatio...

    Authors: Xuebing Wang, Nan Zhang, Zhihua Zhang, Luqi Wang, Shu Yu, Peng Zhao and Guoqiang Yan
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2024 11:17
  11. To provide a precise Euler pole parameter of Sundaland plate for earthquake potential evaluation in Sumatra, Indonesia after the 2004 M9.2 Aceh earthquake, we adopted 37 new Global Navigation Satellite System ...

    Authors: Satrio Muhammad Alif, Kuo-En Ching, Takeshi Sagiya and Widya Nabila Wahyuni
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2024 11:16
  12. Reliable flood damage models are informed by detailed damage assessments. Damage models are critical in flood risk assessments, representing an elements vulnerability to damage. This study evaluated residentia...

    Authors: Ryan Paulik, Alec Wild, Conrad Zorn, Liam Wotherspoon and Shaun Williams
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2024 11:15
  13. Clarifying the geochemical characteristics of formation water and its origin is conducive to clarifying the gas migration path, elaborating the law of gas migration and accumulation, and further predicting the...

    Authors: Xiaoxue Liu, Zhenxue Jiang, Xianglu Tang, Jun Zhu, Fenying Zhang, Yuchao Wang and Mingshuai Xu
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2024 11:14
  14. Northeast China is the main food production base of China. Extreme precipitation (EP) events can seriously impact agricultural production and socioeconomics, but the understanding of EP in Northeast China is s...

    Authors: Fangxiu Meng, Kang Xie, Peng Liu, Huazhou Chen, Yao Wang and Haiyun Shi
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2024 11:13
  15. The rainy season in South China is divided into two phases, the pre- and postrainy seasons, according to the seasonal progression of the East Asian summer monsoon. The precipitation prediction skills for the t...

    Authors: Yanan Liu, Qiong Wu, Yizhi Zhang and Lujun Jiang
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2024 11:11
  16. In this research, we explore the application of artificial neural networks, specifically the vector-quantized temporal associative memory (VQTAM) and VQTAM coupled with locally linear embedding (VQTAM-LLE) tec...

    Authors: Phongphan Mukwachi, Banchar Arnonkijpanich and Weerachai Sarakorn
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2024 11:10
  17. To compensate for the lack of conventional observations over the Arctic Ocean, ship-borne radiosonde observations have been regularly carried out during summer Arctic expeditions and the observed data have bee...

    Authors: Yonghan Choi, Joo-Hong Kim, Sang-Yoon Jun, Taejin Choi and Xiangdong Zhang
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2024 11:8
  18. The findings of the major strategic consulting project of Chinese Academy of Engineering ‘Research on the strategy of coal mine safety and abandoned mine resources development and utilization in China’ suggest...

    Authors: Zhaoxiang Chu, Yiming Wang, Yukun Ji and Xiaozhao Li
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2024 11:7
  19. Under the proposal of “seamless forecasting”, it has become a key problem for meteorologists to improve the skills of subseasonal forecasts. Since the launch of the subseasonal-to-seasonal (S2S) plan by WMO, t...

    Authors: Fei Xin, Yichen Shen and Chuhan Lu
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2024 11:5
  20. The China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite (CSES), with a sun-synchronous orbit at 507 km altitude, was launched on 2 February 2018 to investigate pre-earthquake ionospheric anomalies (PEIAs) and ionospheric s...

    Authors: Jann-Yenq Tiger Liu, Xuhui Shen, Fu-Yuan Chang, Yuh-Ing Chen, Yang-Yi Sun, Chieh-Hung Chen, Sergey Pulinets, Katsumi Hattori, Dimitar Ouzounov, Valerio Tramutoli, Michel Parrot, Wei-Sheng Chen, Cheng-Yan Liu, Fei Zhang, Dapeng Liu, Xue-Min Zhang…
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2024 11:4
  21. In southern Chile, the Nazca plate is subducting beneath the South American plate. This region was struck by megathrust earthquakes in 1960 and 2010 and is characterized by the existence of a volcanic chain. I...

    Authors: Kaya Iwamoto, Nobuaki Suenaga, Shoichi Yoshioka and Francisco Ortega-Culaciati
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2024 11:3
  22. The East China Sea (ECS) has experienced severe harmful algal blooms (HABs) that have deleterious ecological effects on marine organisms. Recent studies indicated that deploying of a second geostationary ocean...

    Authors: Yutao Jing, Chi Feng, Taisheng Chen, Yuanli Zhu, Changpeng Li, Bangyi Tao and Qingjun Song
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2024 11:2
  23. To reduce the uncertainty estimation of clouds and improve the forecast of surface shortwave radiation (SSR) over the Tibetan Plateau, a new cloud assimilation system is proposed which is the first attempt to ...

    Authors: Tianyu Zhang, Husi Letu, Tie Dai, Chong Shi, Yonghui Lei, Yiran Peng, Yanluan Lin, Liangfu Chen, Jiancheng Shi, Wei Tian and Guangyu Shi
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2024 11:1
  24. We used Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) time series data to estimate the spatiotemporal slip distribution for a long-term slow slip event (L-SSE) that occurred in the Tokai region, central Japan, fro...

    Authors: Yukinari Seshimo, Hiroki Kawabata, Shoichi Yoshioka and Francisco Ortega-Culaciati
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2023 10:61
  25. Seasonal prediction of the Indian Ocean dipole (IOD) is important, considering its impact on the climate of surrounding regions. Here we compare the prediction of the IOD in two generations of prediction syste...

    Authors: Bo Liu, Kai Yang, Xiangwen Liu, Gang Huang and Benjamin Ng
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2023 10:60
  26. The seasonality of Earth’s climate is driven by two factors: the tilt of the Earth’s rotation axis relative to the plane of its orbit (hereafter the tilt effect), and the variation in the Earth–Sun distance due t...

    Authors: John C. H. Chiang and Anthony J. Broccoli
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2023 10:58
  27. Ethiopia faces a significant challenge in combating soil erosion. This study addresses the concern within Ada’a watershed of the Awash River basin. GIS and the Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE) Model were us...

    Authors: Abayneh Tilahun and Hayal Desta
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2023 10:57
  28. The reasons for large discrepancies between observations and simulations, as well as for uncertainties in projections of the equatorial Pacific zonal sea surface temperature (SST) gradient, are controversial. ...

    Authors: Wenrong Bai, Hailong Liu, Pengfei Lin, Xichen Li and Fan Wang
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2023 10:56
  29. The purpose of this work is to carry out seismically induced landslide probabilistic hazard mapping for future seismic scenarios of Aba Prefecture and Chengdu Plain region, Sichuan Province, China. Nine earthq...

    Authors: Xiaoyi Shao, Siyuan Ma, Chong Xu, Jia Cheng and Xiwei Xu
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2023 10:55
  30. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is dependent on desalinated water and shallow aquifers to satisfy its freshwater requirements. Despite the paramount importance of understanding the depth and spatial extent of t...

    Authors: Saif Ullah, Mohammed Y. Ali, Muhammad A. Iqbal, Fateh Bouchaala and Hakim Saibi
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2023 10:53
  31. Earthquake occurrence modeling of large subduction events involves significant uncertainty, stemming from the scarcity of geological data and inaccuracy of dating techniques. The previous research on statistic...

    Authors: Katsuichiro Goda
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2023 10:52
  32. This paper presents the first example of how to systematically identify the submarine landslide source of a tsunami using an innovative hybrid approach. This ground-breaking method is developed to resolve the ...

    Authors: Mohammad Heidarzadeh, Aditya Riadi Gusman and Iyan E. Mulia
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2023 10:50
  33. The southwestern Ryukyu Trench is an ideal place for investigating sediment transport from the Taiwan mountain belt to the Ryukyu Trench floor. To study the characteristics of trench turbidites and sediment tr...

    Authors: Kan-Hsi Hsiung, Toshiya Kanamatsu, Ken Ikehara, Masafumi Murayama and Yuhji Yamamoto
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2023 10:49
  34. Although Myanmar is an earthquake-prone country, there has not been proposed an official national seismic hazard map. Thus, this study conducted a probabilistic seismic hazard assessment for Myanmar and some o...

    Authors: Huan-Bin Yang, Yuan-Kai Chang, Wei Liu, Guan-Yi Sung, Jia-Cian Gao, Myo Thant, Phyo Maung Maung and Chung-Han Chan
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2023 10:48
  35. An expedition to confirm the presence of underwater hazards was carried out in Halmahera waters, Indonesia, to the west of Halmahera Island from August to September 2021. The expedition carried out a multibeam...

    Authors: Gabriella Alodia, Nurhidayat, Dyan P. Sobarudin, Dian Adrianto, Angga Dwinovantyo, Steven Solikin, Mustafa Hanafi, Astyka Pamumpuni, Idham A. Kurniawan, Poerbandono, Chris M. Green and Andrew M. McCaig
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2023 10:47
  36. The Ryukyu trench-arc-back arc system is part of the subduction margins of the Philippine Sea plate. Previous studies have indicated that several geophysical and geological characteristics reveal significant v...

    Authors: Wen-Bin Doo, Chung-Liang Lo, Yin-Sheng Huang, Wen-Nan Wu and Shiou-Ya Wang
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2023 10:46
  37. The Earth’s electrical environment is influenced by both external and internal driving factors. Internal driving factors include the global charging current produced by lightning storms, global aerosol concent...

    Authors: Lei Li, Tao Chen, Chao Shen, Shuo Ti, Shihan Wang, Chunlin Cai, Wen Li and Jing Luo
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2023 10:45
  38. The Koh Safi Chromite Ore Deposit is located in Afghanistan’s northern–northeastern end of the Kabul–Kandahar ophiolite zone. Sedimentary formations, delayed volcanic, and ultramafic rock groups, including per...

    Authors: Mohammad Hakim Rezayee, Mahdi Khalaj and Hideki Mizunaga
    Citation: Geoscience Letters 2023 10:43

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