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Fig. 7

From: Effects of topography and sea surface temperature anomalies on heavy rainfall induced by Typhoon Chaba in 2016

Fig. 7

Hourly rainfall (mm h−1, shading) and 850 hPa horizontal wind (m s−1, wind barbs) in a CTL and b TOPO, and vertical distribution of mixing ratio (g kg−1, shading), U-wind (m s−1, vector), and vertical velocity (m s−1, contour with 2 m s−1 interval) in c CTL and d TOPO at 2310 UTC on October 4. c, d show the zonal vertical cross section of the maximum precipitation difference point (purple dashed line in a, b) between CTL and TOPO. The black contour lines in a, b show the height difference (m, contour with 60 m interval) between CTL and TOPO, the blue lines in c, d present the pressure levels (hPa, contour), and the black dashed and solid lines in c, d indicate the downward (≤ − 2 m s−1) and upward (≥ 4 m s−1) direction of vertical velocity, respectively

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