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Fig. 4

From: Earthquake monitoring of the Baribis Fault near Jakarta, Indonesia, using borehole seismometers

Fig. 4

a Map of event and stations used in the comparison of waveform and spectrum of an earthquake (Mw 3.2 on March 29, 2020) at adjacent BMKG (JBJI) and borehole (BAR4) stations. b The earthquake waveforms. c The corresponding spectrum. We show normalized time series of vertical component seismogram (top panel) and the evaluated signal and noise spectra (bottom panel). The window length used in the calculation of the noise and signal spectra are 5 s before and 5 s after the P-wave arrival time, respectively. In the top panel the signal window is represented as a blue shaded window, while noise is enclosed by a gray shaded window. In the spectrum panel, the gray curve represents the noise spectrum and the black curve is the signal spectrum

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