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Fig. 1

From: Earthquake monitoring of the Baribis Fault near Jakarta, Indonesia, using borehole seismometers

Fig. 1

Map of the study area. Blue and green inverted triangles are the borehole and BMKG seismic stations, respectively, used in this study; black line represents the Baribis Fault extracted from Simandjuntak and Barber (1996); left inset shows the location of the western part of West Java (red rectangle) with respect to the Indonesian region; right inset shows the location of the study area (black rectangle) with respect to the western part of Java. Red lines correspond to the other major crustal faults, including Cimandiri and Lembang Faults which were extracted from Irsyam et al. (2017, 2020) and the Cipamingkis Fault (Gunawan and Widiyantoro 2019)

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