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Fig. 4

From: Role of the eastern boundary-generated waves on the termination of 1997 Indian Ocean Dipole event

Fig. 4

Time-longitude diagrams of model zonal current anomalies (ms−1) at 15 m depth along the equator for June 1997–May 1998, from a wind-forced Kelvin waves, b eastern-boundary-generated Rossby waves, c wind-forced Rossby waves, d the total model solution, e the observed zonal current from OSCAR, and f the DMI. The contours in Fig. 4d show anomalies of zonal wind stress along the equator. The solid (dotted) lines are for westerly (easterly) anomalies. Contour interval is 1.5 × 10–2 N m−2 with zero contour highlighted. Note the scales change in d and e

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