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Fig. 4

From: Complex tsunami hazards in eastern Indonesia from seismic and non-seismic sources: Deterministic modelling based on historical and modern data

Fig. 4

Simulations of the tsunami generated in the Flores Sea from an Mw7.8 earthquake on the Flores back-arc thrust basal fault (FBT-BF) and splay fault (FBT-SF) scenarios. a Simulated maximum tsunami amplitude; the red dashed line shows top projection of the fault plane. b Coastal tsunami height along the northern shore of Flores Island at isobath 1 m. c Tsunami waveform at Maumere and Palopo gauges. Tsunami heights and waveform of the 1992 Flores event were obtained from Tsuji et al. (1995) and Hidayat et al. (1995), respectively

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