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Fig. 1

From: Complex tsunami hazards in eastern Indonesia from seismic and non-seismic sources: Deterministic modelling based on historical and modern data

Fig. 1

Eastern Indonesia tectonic setting showing selected past major tsunamigenic events along with the type of the tsunamigenic source. Solid black lines show the tectonic plate boundaries of Bird (2003). Tsunamigenic sources are compiled from; earthquake-tsunami: Cummins et al. (2020); Gunawan et al. (2016); Gusman et al. (2009); Heidarzadeh et al. (2021); Liu and Harris (2013); Matsutomi et al. (2001); Pelinovsky et al. (1997); Pranantyo and Cummins (2019b); volcanic tsunamis are taken from Paris et al. (2013); SMF tsunami is from Pranantyo and Cummins (2019a), whereas SMF scarps are from Brune et al. (2009b, 2009a, 2010); Watkinson and Hall (2017); Pownall et al. (2016); Brackenridge et al. (2020) and Nugraha et al. (2020). FBT Flores Back-arc Thrust, BD Banda Detachment, PKF Palu-Koro Fault, WD Weber Deep, SMF Submarine Mass Failure

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