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Official Journal of the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS)

Table 3 Seasonal MDIingestion (adult and child), MDIdermal (adult and child), HQ (adult and child), and HI (adult and child)

From: Spatiotemporal distribution of potentially toxic elements in the lower Gangetic delta and their implications for non-carcinogenic health risk management

Seasons Parameters Al Cd Co Cr Cu Fe Mn Ni Pb Zn
Summer MDI ingestion (adult) 3.64E−01 2.81E–04 1.09E–03 1.21E–03 1.80E–03 3.33E–01 7.01E-03 1.53E–03 5.78E–04 2.28E–03
MDI ingestion (child) 5.30E–01 4.09E–04 1.58E–03 1.76E–03 2.62E–03 4.85E–01 1.02E–02 2.23E–03 8.42E–04 3.33E–03
MDI dermal (adult) 3.37E–05 2.60E–08 4.02E–07 2.24E–07 1.66E–07 3.08E–05 6.49E–07 5.67E–07 2.14E–07 1.27E–07
MDI dermal (child) 3.16E–03 2.44E–06 3.77E–05 2.11E–05 1.56E–05 2.90E–03 6.09E–05 5.32E–05 2.01E–05 1.19E–05
HQ ingestion (adult) 3.64E–04 5.61E–04 3.62E–03 4.04E–04 4.50E–05 1.11E–03 3.50E–04 7.66E–05 4.13E–04 7.61E–06
HQ ingestion (child) 5.30E–04 8.17E–04 5.27E–03 5.88E–04 6.55E–05 1.62E–03 5.10E–04 1.12E–04 6.01E–04 1.11E–05
HQ dermal (adult) 1.69E–07 5.20E–06 6.70E–06 1.50E–05 1.39E–08 6.86E–07 8.11E–07 1.05E–07 5.10E–07 2.11E–09
HQ dermal (child) 1.58E–05 4.88E–04 6.29E–04 1.40E–03 1.30E–06 6.44E–05 7.61E–05 9.86E–06 4.78E–05 1.98E–07
HIAdult 3.64E–04 5.67E–04 3.63E–03 4.19E–04 4.50E–05 1.11E–03 3.51E–04 7.67E–05 4.13E–04 7.61E–06
HIChildren 5.46E–04 1.31E–03 5.90E–03 1.99E–03 6.68E–05 1.68E–03 5.86E–04 1.21E–04 6.49E–04 1.13E–05
Monsoon MDI ingestion (adult) 3.03E–01 1.93E–04 6.75E–04 7.50E–04 1.32E–03 2.61E–01 5.70E–03 1.30E–03 4.48E–04 1.80E–03
MDI ingestion (child) 4.41E–01 2.81E–04 9.83E–04 1.09E–03 1.92E–03 3.80E–01 8.29E–03 1.89E–03 6.52E–04 2.62E–03
MDI dermal (adult) 2.81E–05 1.79E–08 2.50E–07 1.39E–07 1.22E–07 2.42E–05 5.27E–07 4.81E–07 1.66E–07 1.00E–07
MDI dermal (child) 2.63E–03 1.68E–06 2.35E–05 1.30E–05 1.15E–05 2.27E–03 4.95E–05 4.52E–05 1.56E–05 9.38E–06
HQ ingestion (adult) 3.03E–04 3.86E–04 2.25E–03 2.50E–04 3.30E–05 8.71E–04 2.85E–04 6.50E–05 3.20E–04 6.00E–06
HQ ingestion (child) 4.41E–04 5.62E–04 3.28E–03 3.64E–04 4.81E–05 1.27E–03 4.15E–04 9.47E–05 4.66E–04 8.74E–06
HQ dermal (adult) 1.40E–07 3.57E–06 4.17E–06 9.26E–06 1.02E–08 5.38E–07 6.59E–07 8.92E–08 3.95E–07 1.67E–09
HQ dermal (child) 1.32E–05 3.36E–04 3.91E–04 8.69E–04 9.56E–07 5.05E–05 6.19E–05 8.37E–06 3.71E–05 1.56E–07
HIAdult 3.03E–04 3.90E–04 2.25E–03 2.59E–04 3.30E–05 8.72E–04 2.85E–04 6.51E–05 3.20E–04 6.00E–06
HIChildren 4.55E–04 8.98E–04 3.67E–03 1.23E–03 4.90E–05 1.32E–03 4.77E–04 1.03E–04 5.03E–04 8.89E–06
Winter MDI ingestion (adult) 3.53E–01 3.21E–04 1.12E–03 1.22E–03 1.94E–03 3.59E–01 7.82E–03 1.92E–03 6.43E–04 2.72E–03
MDI ingestion (child) 5.15E–01 4.68E–04 1.62E–03 1.78E–03 2.83E–03 5.22E–01 1.14E–02 2.79E–03 9.36E–04 3.97E–03
MDI dermal (adult) 3.27E–05 2.97E–08 4.13E–07 2.27E–07 1.80E–07 3.32E–05 7.24E–07 7.10E–07 2.38E–07 1.51E–07
MDI dermal (child) 3.07E–03 2.79E–06 3.88E–05 2.13E–05 1.69E–05 3.12E–03 6.80E–05 6.66E–05 2.23E–05 1.42E–05
HQ ingestion (adult) 3.53E–04 6.43E–04 3.72E–03 4.08E–04 4.86E–05 1.20E–03 3.91E–04 9.58E–05 4.59E–04 9.08E–06
HQ ingestion (child) 5.15E–04 9.36E–04 5.41E–03 5.94E–04 7.07E–05 1.74E–03 5.70E–04 1.39E–04 6.68E–04 1.32E–05
HQ dermal (adult) 1.64E–07 5.95E–06 6.89E–06 1.51E–05 1.50E–08 7.38E–07 9.05E–07 1.31E–07 5.66E–07 2.52E–09
HQ dermal (child) 1.54E–05 5.58E–04 6.46E–04 1.42E–03 1.41E–06 6.93E–05 8.50E–05 1.23E–05 5.32E–05 2.37E–07
HIAdult 3.54E–04 6.49E–04 3.73E–03 4.23E–04 4.86E–05 1.20E–03 3.92E–04 9.59E–05 4.60E–04 9.08E–06
HIChildren 5.30E–04 1.49E–03 6.06E–03 2.01E–03 7.22E–05 1.81E–03 6.55E–04 1.52E–04 7.21E–04 1.35E–05