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Fig. 3

From: Underestimated responses of Walker circulation to ENSO-related SST anomaly in atmospheric and coupled models

Fig. 3

Quantification of regression of SLP onto Niño3.4 SST index in each reanalysis and model (hPa−1 °C−1). a The regression results of SOI in AMIP5/6 models. b shows the results in CMIP5/6 models. Bars represent the regression coefficients of the SOI onto the Niño 3.4 SST index in each individual reanalysis (red bar) and model (deep green bars represent AMIP5 models; light green bars represent AMIP6 models; deep blue bars represent CMIP5 models; light blue bars represent CMIP6 models). Red, green and blue lines show the regression results of the multi-reanalysis ensemble and the multi-model ensemble, respectively. The gray shading indicates ± 1 standard deviation of the responses in the reanalyses

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