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Fig. 6

From: Local and remote SST variability contribute to the westward shift of the Pacific Walker circulation during 1979–2015

Fig. 6

The simulated trends of the PWC in the pacemaker experiments with the earth system model. a Shows the simulated climatology (contours) and the trend (color shading) of the mass stream function of PWC in the Atlantic-forcing pacemaker experiments, with b, c showing the simulated PWC trends in the Pacific-, and the Indian Ocean-forcing experiments. The gray dots cover the areas with confidence level of 95%. d Quantifies the trends of the PWC in each of the three pacemaker experiments, with black bars showing the amplitude of the trend and the error bars indicating its 95% confidence intervals. eg Quantify the westward shifts of the west edge (c), the center of (d), and the east edge (e) of the PWC in these experiments

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