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Fig. 3

From: Two-year consecutive concurrences of positive Indian Ocean Dipole and Central Pacific El Niño preconditioned the 2019/2020 Australian “black summer” bushfires

Fig. 3

Relationship between SON C-index and SON DMI. Show are based on outputs from 17 CMIP5 models for a the 1900–1999 and b the 2000–2099 periods and 23 CMIP6 models for c the 1900–1999 and d the 2000–2099 periods. See Table 1 for models that are selected for the analysis. Correlation, slope and p value are indicated in each panel. Red dots indicate events that are similar to 2018–2019 when consecutive concurrent pIOD (DMI is greater than 0.5 s.d.) and CP El Niño (C-index is greater than 0.5 s.d.) events occur for two years; dark grey dots indicate other concurrent pIOD and CP El Niño years. The total number of consecutive concurrences is indicated in red text. The associated frequency is also shown in each panel

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