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Fig. 4

From: Flow of Antarctic Bottom water from the Vema Channel

Fig. 4

Bathymetry of the study region based on (GEBCO 2019) and corrected with our echo-sounder measurements in 2010–2020. Locations of CTD/LADCP casts are shown. Blue triangles show the stations of the WOCE A17 section in 1994.Black crosses ( +) show our stations in 2003. Black cross (x) shows the station in 2009. Green circles show stations of the A09 (24° S) section in 2009 and green crosses show the A09 stations in 2018. Small red squares are our stations in 2012. Larger white squares are our stations in 2013. Violet stars show our stations in 2018. Circles with rays (B&W) show stations in 2019. Red circles show stations in 2020. Yellow arrows show the directions of currents and their velocity (vectors). Numbers in color at the dots of stations (the same color) indicate potential temperature at the bottom. Blue colors show deep water regions, especially the canyon at 24° 40′ S. The blue rectangle shows a region, which was studied best of all in 2010–2020. The magenta lines show a scheme of the pathways of AABW. The beige line shows the pathway of a shallow jet based on CTD data in 1994 and 2003. Dashed lines show isobaths 4700 and 4750 m based on our echo-sounder measurements

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