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Fig. 2

From: The turbulent dynamics of Jupiter’s and Saturn’s weather layers: order out of chaos?

Fig. 2

Profiles of spectral fluxes of enstrophy (squared vorticity) and kinetic energy with total horizontal wavenumber and wavelength at Jupiter’s cloud tops, as derived from Cassini ISS images of Jupiter during the 2000 fly-by by Young and Read (2017). a Enstrophy flux, b total (rotational) kinetic energy flux and c kinetic energy flux due only to eddy–eddy interactions. The direction of energy or enstrophy transfer is indicated by the arrows. G14g and G14s refer, respectively, to the global mosaic and single image cloud tracking analyses of Galperin et al. (2014) while C11 refers to the global mosaic analysis of the same images by Choi and Showman (2011)

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