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Fig. 1

From: The turbulent dynamics of Jupiter’s and Saturn’s weather layers: order out of chaos?

Fig. 1

Kinetic energy spectrum of Jupiter’s cloud layer (in units of Ω2R2), obtained by Galperin et al. (2014) from Cassini images. Spectra are projected onto spherical harmonics (with total wavenumber index n) and decomposed into the zonal mean flow EZ(n) (1, thin line) and residual KE ER(n) (2, thick line), such that total energy ET(n) = EZ(n) + ER(n). The analysis used the CB2 filter images with a native resolution of 0.05° pixel−1 and a correlation box size of 0.95°, corresponding to a spectral resolution limit of around 1° or n ≈ 200

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