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Official Journal of the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS)

Table 3 The sensitive parameters and their characteristic values in the modeling

From: Study on streamflow response to land use change over the upper reaches of Zhanghe Reservoir in the Yangtze River basin

Parametersp valueT-statBest value
r_ SOL_BD0.00− 8.540.26
v_CH_N20.07− 1.840.25
v_CH_K20.11− 1.609.76
r_ SOL_AWC0.11− 1.59− 0.21
v_ SURLAG0.121.5618.05
r_ SOL_K0.15− 1.46− 0.05
v_ GW_REVAP0.151.450.094
r_ CN20.33− 0.97− 0.07
v_ SFTMP0.390.86− 4.19
v_ ALPHA_BF0.46− 0.750.85
  1. p value indicates the significance of the t value: the smaller the p value, the less chance of a parameter being accidentally assigned as sensitive. T-stat indicates parameter sensitivity: the large the t-stat, the more sensitive the parameter