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Official Journal of the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS)

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Table 2 Coefficients of linear regression of normalized SLA0, OWA, AWA, SLPA, SSTA, SSSA and KTA south of the KE jet

From: Understanding and reconstructing the coastal sea level variations along the western boundary of the North Pacific

SeasonSLA0 (a)OWA (b)AWA (c)SLPA (d)SSTA (e)SSSA (f)KTA (g)
Spring0.36− 0.07− 0.09− 0.460.40− 0.19− 0.05
Summer0.350.29− 0.08− 0.250.26− 0.160.10
Autumn0.390.18− 0.14− 0.610.04− 0.030.06
Winter0.350.21− 0.25− 0.650.43− 0.08− 0.04