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Fig. 1

From: Seismic Hazard Function (SHF) study of coastal sources of Sumatra Island: SHF evaluation of Padang and Bengkulu cities

Fig. 1

Plot of the 2017 PuSGeN earthquake catalog data with hypocenter ≤ 50 km, Mw ≥ 4.6 during the years 1963 to 2016, and the b-value estimation (a) and plot of GPS data mainly used for surface strain rate estimation (b). The GPS data from around the Sumatra Islands mainly were taken from Bradley et al. (2017), Chlieh et al. (2007) and Prawirodirdjo et al. (2010), Shearer and Burgmann (2010). In the case of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the pre-seismic velocity crustal movement model resulted on the basis of forward modeling (Okada 1985, 1992) by referring to the co-seismic data of Subarya et al. (2006), Chlieh et al. (2007) in which the plate convergence rate of 14 mm/year (Bilham et al. 2005) is used

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