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Official Journal of the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS)

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Fig. 2

From: Hypocenter relocation of the aftershocks of the Mw 7.5 Palu earthquake (September 28, 2018) and swarm earthquakes of Mamasa, Sulawesi, Indonesia, using the BMKG network data

Fig. 2

Map view for relocated events of the Palu aftershocks; red-to-blue circles represent the epicenters of earthquakes as a function of the focal depths. Red star illustrates the epicenter of the mainshock, red beach ball diagram denotes the global centroid moment tensor (gCMT) solution, blue traces correspond to the Palu-Koro Fault and red traces represent other major crustal faults in the region extracted from Irsyam et al. (2017)

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