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Fig. 1

From: A probabilistic approach to the seismic hazard in Kashmir basin, NW Himalaya

Fig. 1

Seismotectonic map of Kashmir Basin and surroundings with main tectonic features: Main Mantle Thrust (MMT), Main Crystalline Thrust (MCT), Main Boundary Thrust (MBT), Kishtwar Fault (KF), Panjal Thrust (PT), Reasi Thrust (RT), Jhelum Fault (JF), Bagh-Balakot Fault (B-BF), Hazara Thrust System (HTS), Balapur Fault (BF), Drangbal-Laridora Fault (DL), Hazara-Kashmir Syntaxis (HKS). Faults are from Dasgupta et al. (2000), BF from Ahmad et al. (2014) and DL from Sana and Nath (Sana and Nath 2016a, b). Star represents the epicenter of 8 October 2005 Kashmir earthquake (Mw 7.6)

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