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Fig. 9

From: A survey of submesoscale currents

Fig. 9

Simulated filament frontogenesis by TTW. A fully turbulent “initial condition” (left) and 6 h later at the time of peak frontal strength and frontal arrest (right), in a Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) of a submesoscale dense filament in a boundary layer with surface cooling (Sullivan and McWilliams 2018). The (xz) fields are averaged in the along-front y direction: temperature \(\langle \theta \rangle - \theta _0\), along-front velocity \(\langle v \rangle\), cross-front velocity \(\langle u \rangle\), and vertical velocity \(\langle w \rangle\). Units are \(^\circ\)C and m s\(^{-1}\), respectively. The apparent noise in \(\langle w \rangle\) is sampling error due to the finite domain size in y and the presence of much larger w values in the turbulent eddies

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