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Official Journal of the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS)

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Table 1 Specifications of Soekarno–Hatta Airport Cengkareng CDR

From: Characteristics of two mesoscale convective systems (MCSs) over the Greater Jakarta: case of heavy rainfall period 15–18 January 2013

Parameter Value
Band C-Band
Beam width < 1°
Frequency 5.6 GHz
Pulse width 0.5; 0.8; 1.0; 2 µs
Minimum PRF 250 Hz
Maximum PRF 1250 Hz
Signal Processor EDRP 9
TX Type Magnetron
Power 250 KW
RX Type Stallo
Polarization Single
Manufacture EEC
Lowest angle 0.9°
Highest angle 100°
Task cycle time min 10
Task cycle time max 10
MDS − 31