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Table 12 Minimum, maximum and mean values of the MdoAE within the experiments using the StandPrecDat dataset

From: One-step ahead forecasting of geophysical processes within a purely statistical framework

  Minimum Maximum Mean
RWE_3a 0.70 (RF_1) 1.22 (NN_1) 0.92
RWE_3b 0.55 (SVM_2) 0.95 (ETS_s) 0.69
RWE_3c 0.72 (BATS) 1.42 (NN_1) 0.86
RWE_3d 0.99 (Theta) 1.42 (ETS_s) 1.14
RWE_3e 0.69 (Theta) 1.07 (ETS_s) 0.89
  1. The minimum of the minimum values and the maximum of the maximum values are in italic