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Fig. 3

From: The Indonesian throughflow, its variability and centennial change

Fig. 3

Mean and linear changes of barotropic stream function from model and the Island Rule. a Mean (contour) and linear changes (shading) of barotropic stream functions in the Indo-Pacific Ocean during 2006–2101 from the OFAM3 RCP8.5 run; b mean (contour) and linear changes (shading) in stream functions during 2006–2101 derived from the Sverdrup Balance and Island Rule; The mean stream functions in (a) and (b) are from the OFAM3 historical run during 1979–2014 and their linear changes are derived from the RCP8.5 run. The contour interval for the mean stream functions is 10Sv, with heavy black contours denoting the zero stream functions and blue dashed contours denoting negative values. Linear changes of less than 1Sv are not shown. In (b), the red lines delineate the integration route for the wind stress in the Island Rule calculation. (Reproduced with permission from (Feng et al. 2017))

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