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Fig. 4

From: Tsunami source and inundation features around Sendai Coast, Japan, due to the November 22, 2016 Mw 6.9 Fukushima earthquake

Fig. 4

Inversion result. a Estimated slip distribution for the 2016 Fukushima Earthquake based on the USGS (NP2) fault model. The dashed lines indicate the bathymetry in 30-m depth intervals. b Seafloor displacement calculated from the slip distribution. The dashed blue lines indicate the seafloor subsidence in intervals of 0.2 m, and the solid red line indicates seafloor uplift of 0.1 m. Red circles indicate the aftershock distribution within 1 day after the mainshock taken from USGS. The yellow circles indicate the locations of the JAMSTEC survey points, #2000 (37.2°N, 141.32°E) and #1999 (37.3°N, 141.39°E). c Comparison of the observed (red lines) and synthetic (blue lines) tsunami waveforms obtained from the estimated slip distribution. The gray areas show the time range used for the inversion

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