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Fig. 2

From: Different depths of near-trench slips of the 1896 Sanriku and 2011 Tohoku earthquakes

Fig. 2

Comparison of 6 models a 2011 model with 8 subfaults and 200 km long, b 2011 model with 6 subfaults and 150 km long, c 1896 inversion model, d 1896 final model, e uniform (20 m) slip at 3.5–7 km depth, f uniform (20 m) slip at 0–3.5 km depth. (top) Slip distribution on subfaults (color bar scale in the right) and computed maximum tsunami height (color bar scale in the left) for 6 models. (middle) Observed and computed tsunami heights on the Sanriku coast. Red and yellow circles show observed heights by Iki (1897) and Matsuo (1933), respectively. Blue and green circles with bars are computed heights on 6″ grid. (bottom) Tsunami waveforms at three tide gage stations at regional distances. Red curves are observed waveforms and blue curves are computed ones

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