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Fig. 2

From: Bodrum–Kos (Turkey–Greece) Mw 6.6 earthquake and tsunami of 20 July 2017: a test for the Mediterranean tsunami warning system

Fig. 2

Aftershock analysis for the 20 July 2017 Bodrum–Kos earthquake in Turkey. a Distribution of aftershocks (M ≥ 2.0, depth ≤ 100 km) from the catalog provided by AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Authority, Earthquake Department, Turkey). The color map of the circles shows the hypocentral depth. The inset shows the hypocenter distribution of foreshocks on the day of the 2017 Bodrum–Kos earthquake. b, c Cumulative frequency curve (blue) and magnitude–time diagram (green) for the entire region and for two seismic clusters of A and B, respectively. d Cross sections of aftershock hypocenters at various longitude ranges (left panels) and their epicentral projections (right panels)

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