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Fig. 4

From: Overestimation of the earthquake hazard along the Himalaya: constraints in bracketing of medieval earthquakes from paleoseismic studies

Fig. 4

a Calendar ages and probability density function graph of the events arranged according to the samples collected in trenches dug from west to east of Himalaya are modelled using OxCal v.4.2.4 (Ramsay 1995; Ramsay et al. 2013). The information on ages, their uncertainty, mean ages, and source of data (references) are displayed in the form of a table (Table 1). b Open circle signifies mean age and the rectangular boxes incorporate areas with same age range and their spatial extent is decided to include mean ages. The calibrated age range shows that distinct evidence of 1344 event at Chandigarh, Ramnagar, and Belparao trench, Sample SIR0805 & P10 postdate the 1255 AD event, and sample LDT31 & GDC09 suggests 1505 AD event in Kaladungi and Lal Dang trenches

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