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Fig. 3

From: Overestimation of the earthquake hazard along the Himalaya: constraints in bracketing of medieval earthquakes from paleoseismic studies

Fig. 3

Paleoseismological trench sites investigated by (Bollinger et al. 2014, 2016; Gavillot et al. 2016; Jayangondaperumal et al. 2016; Kumar and Mahajan 2001; Kumar et al. 2006, 2010; Kumahara and Jayangondaperumal 2013; Kondo et al. 2008; Lavé et al. 2005; Meigs et al. 2012; Madden et al. 2011; Malik and Nakata 2003; Malik et al. 2008, 2010a, b, 2015, 2016; Mishra et al. 2016; Sapkota et al. 2013; Yule et al. 2006; Vassallo et al. 2015) at the frontal and the hinterland faults of Himalaya

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