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Fig. 3

From: Asteroid spin-rate studies using large sky-field surveys

Fig. 3

This figure is reproduced from Chang et al. (2015, 2016)

Asteroid rotation period vs. diameter. The red and gray filled circles are the PTF-U2s and the LCDB objects of \(U \ge 2\), respectively. The larger blue filled symbols are the five known SFRs. The green filled circles are the 23 SFR candidates. The dashed line is the predicted spin barrier adopted from Holsapple et al. (2007), where cohesion is \(\kappa = k\bar{r}^{-1/2}\) and \(k = 2 \times 25 ^7\) dynes cm\(^{-3/2}\). Note that the uncertainty in diameter estimation using Eq. (1) is \({\sim} 20\%\), which includes the uncertainty in the absolute magnitude H. The uncertainty in the rotation period is smaller than the symbol size.

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