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Official Journal of the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS)

Table 1 Outline of the four editions of CCE

From: Methodology to determine the parameters of historical earthquakes in China

Edition Published time Chief editor Time period N of E N of HE
1st 1960 Li Shan-bang 1189 B.C.–1955 1180 585
2nd 1973 Li Shan-bang 1177 B.C.–1969 2257 589
3rd 1983 Gu Gong-xu et al. 1831 B.C.–1969 3187 619
4th (I) 1995 Min Zi-qun et al. 2300 B.C.–1911   1034
4th (II) 1999 Wang Su-yun et al. 1912–1990 4289  
  1. N of E number of earthquakes, N of HE number of historical earthquakes