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Fig. 9

From: A short history of Japanese historical seismology: past and the present

Fig. 9

Intensity distribution of the 1703 Genroku earthquake (M8.1) and the 1923 Taisho Kanto earthquake (M7.9). Both earthquakes occurred along Sagami Trough. Intensities of 1703 after Matsu’ura and Nakamura (2016), and those of 1923 after JMA (1969). Intensities in the west of the Izu Peninsula are apparently smaller than those of 1923. Intensities in areas around Kyoto and Osaka of 1703 are also smaller than those of 1923, even though we consider the difference of the occurrence times of these events. See Fig. 1 and “Appendix” for place and earthquake names

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