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Fig. 10

From: A short history of Japanese historical seismology: past and the present

Fig. 10

Intensity distribution of the 1707 Hoei earthquake (M8.6) and the 1854 Ansei Tokai (M8.4) and Ansei Nankai (M8.4) earthquakes. These earthquakes occurred along Nankai Trough. Intensities of 1707 are after Matsu’ura et al. (2011a, b), and those of 1854 are estimated intensities of 4 and larger for regions such as cities and towns (Usami and Daiwa 1994) instead of pin-point places. For 1854, larger intensities of Tokai or Nankai earthquakes are plotted on the upper layer. See Fig. 1 and “Appendix” for place and earthquake names

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