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Fig. 4

From: The Indo-Pacific Warm Pool: critical to world oceanography and world climate

Fig. 4

Map showing a compilation of surface ocean currents in the IPWP region from several sources (Gordon and Fine 1996; Wijffels et al. 1998; Sprintall et al. 2014). EEC East Equatorial Current, EGR Eastern Gyral Current, IMC Indian Monsoon Current, HC stands for Holloway Current which is one of the currents contributing to the Leeuwin Current (see D’Adamo et al. 2009; Domingues et al. 2007); ITF Indonesian Throughflow, LC: MC Mindanao Current, NEC North Equatorial Current, NECC North Equatorial Counter Current, SEC South Equatorial Current, SJC South Java Current. The thickness of the arrows indicate the importance in volume of the different currents, although the ITF is quite substantial but it branches into several other currents. Also, some currents change directions between seasons. Note that during the LGM there was still a throughflow of water across the Indonesian seas, despite the fact that they had significantly decreased in size. Deep channels still permitted the thoroughfare of water and the flow may have even been stronger compared to today by the narrow nature of some of some ‘corridors’

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