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Table 2 Shortwave cloud feedback and ECS in the MPMPE

From: Recent progress toward reducing the uncertainty in tropical low cloud feedback and climate sensitivity: a review

Model Cloud Convection Turbulence λ SWcld (W m−2 K−1) ECS (K)
MIROC5A     −0.24 2.35
CLD MIROC3    −0.08 2.81
CNV   MIROC3   −0.07 2.48
VDF    MIROC3 −0.36 2.69
CNVVDF   MIROC3 MIROC3 −0.17 2.83
CLDCNV MIROC3 MIROC3   0.39 3.16
CLDVDF MIROC3   MIROC3 0.50 4.86
  1. The left column indicates the eight models constituting the multi-parameter multi-physics ensemble (MPMPE; Shiogama et al. 2014). The second to fourth columns from the left indicate the implemented physics schemes (blank indicates a scheme identical to MIROC5A, and MIROC3 indicates a scheme identical to MIROC3 climate model; see Table 3 in Shiogama et al. 2014 for details). λ SWcld represents the global mean shortwave cloud feedback (W m−2 K−1) averaged for the PPE members (Kamae et al. 2016b) diagnosed by the satellite cloud simulator (Klein and Jakob 1999; Webb et al. 2001) and cloud radiative kernel (Zelinka et al. 2012a; see text). ECS (K) is derived from Shiogama et al. (2014)