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Official Journal of the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS)

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Fig. 9

From: Electrodynamics of ionospheric weather over low latitudes

Fig. 9

From the top to the bottom are presented: the AE index on 8–9 November 2004 (panel a), the ratio ∑H/∑P considering (P1)/not considering (P0) the effects of energetic particle precipitation (panel b), and the observed vertical drift (panel c). In panel “d” are shown the observed (black line) and calculated zonal drift considering the initial winds and non inclusion of the precipitation (blue curve), inclusion of precipitation and enhanced ratio of ∑H/∑P (gray curve), and inclusion of the modified E and F layer winds, precipitation and the enhanced ∑H/∑P (red curve). The observed vertical and zonal drifts are from the Digisonde at Fortaleza

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